Alumni Spotlight: Lou Philip A. Beltran

Graduating from the School of Information Technology with a bachelor’s degree in Computer Engineering, Lou Philip A. Beltran is an accomplished entrepreneur and an active alumnus of the University of Baguio.

Having started his journey alongside his day job as an IT specialist, he picked up many of the practices he employs today through his experience of starting and redesigning businesses. He is the current Group CEO of his holdings company, helping entrepreneurs transform their businesses through sharing his experiences, business expertise, marketing, and the use of technology.

He is the founder of Aderva Media, a Baguio-based marketing agency focused on social media and digital marketing as well as IT solutions. He is also certified in Cisco CCNA/CCNP/Security, Avaya ACCS/ACIS, Microsoft MCSA/MCSE, and CompTIA/A+/Network+/Security+. He is also a Sophos Security Engineer and a Unifi Wireless Specialist.

Apart from his professional work, he also continues to be active with the University of Baguio, offering seminars, training, and workshops covering the fields of Information Technology, financial management, and entrepreneurship.

Mr. Beltran’s success is indicative of the quality of education he has received from the university, putting on display the exceptional performance and values indicative of a UB graduate. He excels in his field of profession and endeavors to help others achieve the same level of success that he has worked hard to cultivate in his own career.

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