UBAFI Donates Cooking and Learning Equipment to Manganese Integrated School through Outreach Program

Supporting the need for enhancing learners’ knowledge of Cooking Methods and Basic Knife Skills, the University of Baguio Alumni Foundation Incorporated (UBAFI) handed over cooking equipment and kitchen wares to the Manganese Integrated School in Ampucao, Itogon Benguet on December 11, 2023 through its Community Outreach Program. A Cookery Training Workshop will be held later as part of the program in collaboration with the University of Baguio.

Along with the donations, the Campus Planning and Development Office (CPDO), Research Innovation Extension and Community Outreach Office (RIECO), Security Office, Athletics Office, and the Linkages Office have provided 30 classroom chairs, three acrylic bulletin boards, and two sets of computer stations. The Library also donated approximately 232 textbooks to the school.

This collaboration is one of the goals of the Memorandum of Understanding between the UBAFI and the Manganese Integrated School which allows the UBAFI to develop critical programs and projects and seek potential donors and partners in their implementation that will benefit the school and its students. 

The UBAFI plans to return in the coming months alongside the Lions Club Japan to continue with their needs assessment and to determine what other facilities and equipment can be donated to ensure that the students can receive quality education (SDG No. 4) and continue to hone other integral life skills that they will be able to make use of outside of the classroom.

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