University of Baguio Help Make Change Work for Women through Womentor

University of Baguio holds webinar that aims to help women better themselves even more than they already are.

University of Baguio celebrates women’s month with a webinar that aims empower women even more through a mentorship from established women alumni.

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The event happened last March 12, 2022 via zoom. Women who were invited and RSVP’d had attended the event.

The webinar revolved around the idea of being “self-made and empowered”. All speakers/mentors imparted their knowledge on how to properly achieve this to the other women in the webinar.

Ms. Lourdes Fernandez, editor-in-chief of Business Mirror, gave a keynote speech where she highlighted some of the people that helped her become who she is today. She spoke of her career journey, where she began, how she grew, and how she ended up being where she is today.

womentor, university of baguio, linkages, webinar
Ms. Lourdes Fernandez giving her keynote speech

Her speech gave importance to the self-image of women in today’s society. She told of her experience and how it helped her forge the woman that she is today. Her speech also focused on the importance of press freedom. Highlights of her speech include her work as a journalist and the challenges to journalism she saw from the Marcos dictatorship.

The attendees were then divided into groups where they moved to different breakout rooms. Here, the event attendees had the chance to better themselves even more through different mentors, all of whom are successful women in their own right and all alumni of UB.

Mrs. Purificacion Molintas, Tourism Attaché II for the Philippine Department of Tourism, gave the plenary session synthesis. She gave the importance of women mentoring or having women allies in order to help each other rise up.

Over 130 women attended the Womentor webinar and all were given a certificate of participation after the event concluded.

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