University of Baguio Helps Students Improve Communication Skills

University of Baguio partners with SITEL for a webinar aimed to improve communication skills

The University of Baguio partners with SITEL and holds a webinar aimed at improving the communication skills specifically in speaking as a manager and effectively giving feedback.

The webinar titled “Communicating with Influence: Communication Skills for Managers and Supervisors” hopes to train students in being more effective in speaking as a manager or leader, speaking to subordinates, colleagues, and managers, and properly giving feedback.

Webinar program

The event was held last March 4, 2022, started at 2pm, and ended at around 5pm. The program opened with the Vice president for academic affairs, Dr. Janice Kaylyn Lonogan, giving the opening remarks and closing remarks delivered by Dr. Aida Dapiawen, the dean of the School of Teacher Education and Liberal Arts.

Two speakers with extensive background on teaching communication skills were invited to speak for this webinar. Both speakers come from SITEL Academy, a branch of the company that specializes in training people to improve their English speaking skills and general communication skills.

The first speaker, Ms. Marie Grace Lulu, spoke about the importance of communication style of individuals. She emphasized the question “What type of speaker are you?”, and discussed how to strategize your speaking style depending on the audience that you have.

Ms. Marie showing the results of the interactive survey just after her lecture

Ms. Marie also discussed the importance of knowing how to approach different kinds of people and collaborating with them in order to remain efficient in the workplace.

sitel, university of baguio, webinar
A group shot of Ms. Marie, UB Staff, and some webinar attendees

Meanwhile, Mr. Richard Salomon, the second speaker, spoke about effectively giving feedback. Under his discussion, he gave the audience a background of what feedback is, the importance of giving it, and how it affects the workplace.

sitel, university of baguio, webinar
Mr. Richard starting his discussion with an interactive survey asking the audience “How do you feel about giving feedback?”

He also discussed the elements of a great feedback, the stark differences of a negative and positive feedback, and gave examples.

university of baguio, sitel, webinar
An example of a negative feedback, a part of Mr. Richard’s lecture on effectively giving feedback

Both speakers also encouraged audience participation via an interactive poll done through the web where answers could be displayed on the webinar.

A short question and answer portion followed after both speakers gave their lecture. A certificate of participation was awarded to the attendees after the webinar.

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