Alumni Spotlight: JSINSP Bartolome B. Tresmanio

Originating from Bila, Bauko, Mountain Province, JSINSP Bartolome B. Tresmanio is from the School of Criminal Justice and Public Safety with a Bachelor of Science in Criminology degree. He studied at the university as a student assistant, working tirelessly alongside his studies.

After graduation, he entered government service as an organic Bureau of Jail Management and Penology member, receiving numerous awards and commendations for his outstanding accomplishments. He was also conferred as a Regional Awardee in the Civil Service Commission Search for Outstanding Government Workers under the Dangal ng Bayan Category. He was the region’s semi-finalist at the national level in 2018.

His capacity to unite others toward a common goal makes him an exceptional leader, and his excellent communication skills, integrity, and strong work ethic allow him to work efficiently in his field of practice.

He strives to cultivate an inclusive environment where individuals feel empowered to do their best. With his excellent communication skills, he is able to facilitate clear and open dialogue between himself and his team. He takes into account the input and feedback of his team members, welcoming innovation and embracing new ideas with open arms. 

JSINSP Bartolome B. Tresmanio’s commitment to serving the country and its citizens is a testament to his outstanding leadership and service-driven initiative. He is a hallmark of the academic excellence and exceptional professionalism that UB graduates embody.

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