In my current role, I am in charge of monitoring, evaluating, and least disruptively deploying upgrades on the company network and systems. I am also responsible for overseeing and recommending the company’s digital security needs.

Being a Technical Support Specialist at a Website Support Company run by Sitel was my first job. After graduating and working for a number years in the public and private sector, I learned more about network and system management. Every time I start a new job, I give it my all, and I don’t mind if things suddenly change because I know they will teach me something new.

My foundational background in information technology is mostly thanks to the University of Baguio. I had great assistance from the School of Information Technology even after I graduated, which allowed me to enroll and graduate in a state university in the Philippines for a Master’s program in Information Systems. My ability to persist in achieving my goals no matter the circumstances is what I credit for my work success, which I can also credit to the school.

The university provided me with theories and concepts that I was able to use throughout my profession, from which I later developed and gained experience. For this, the University of Baguio will always have my gratitude for giving me a top-notch education.