For someone who had little but with big dreams, UB gave me so much more. I am glad I took advantage of all the benefits that UB can offer. From academic and cheerleading scholarships, leadership role, debate exposures, and participation in UB events, I can say my stay in UB made a huge impact in my chosen calling today. I achieved a holistic growth which prepared me for the bigger challenges in the real world- that includes working for one of the best FMCG companies, Procter & Gamble.

After P&G, I decided to take on the entrepreneurial journey. Thanks to Dr. Ruby Buccat for planting the seed many years ago. I am now managing a Real Estate Brokerage Firm in Quezon City and I’m also a Professional Speaker.

As a professional speaker, I co-founded Philippine Advocates for Consultants and Trainers (PACT).

Today, I am the Chairman and President of Elevaxion, a Christian Non-Profit Organization, a Director of City of Taguig Real Estate Board and incoming President of a Rotary Club in Manila. I truly believe that you can achieve anything especially if you embrace UB’s It’s All Up Here.