UBSIHTM Alumnus Batch 2020 | International Event Stylist | Celebrity Wedding Planner 

The University of Baguio made me discover my passion for flowers. The school offered me more than just the curriculum. Their quarterly competitions and other extra-curricular activities enhanced and empowered my other skills. During the first six months of my first year, I revealed the talent I never knew I had. It was the time when I joined the inter-level table setting and floral arrangements competition, where unexpectedly, I emerged as the champion. Such a day has impacted my life, and I started to create the ultimate dream of mine – to become one of the innovators in the events and flower industry. The process of working towards my goals was challenging, but having to live on the values that my professors have taught me has helped me a lot to get through the hardships I’ve experienced and formed me to remain competitive in my craft.I may not have finished my studies years ago, but the university continued to believe in me. They gave me the chance to finish my degree and to hold the diploma that I’ve been dreaming of proudly—having a group of people or institutions like the University of Baguio, who believes in its people even after all these years cheered me up. If not for the education and exposure I had from school, I won’t be standing at every event, arranging flowers for every client I have.