BMLS, Class of 2010 | Medical Laboratory Technologist | National University Hospital System Singapore

My UB education has influenced me to become competent and creative and has the candor to bring forth the knowledge imparted to me by my instructors in the MedTech department. When I think of UB, I only have tons of fond memories and life lessons. It gives me the valuable “shoes” I need to wear to make the next steps for my professional growth, regardless of the challenge level. The classroom instructions and hands-on experience in the laboratory during my internship made me more aware of how vital, and necessary the “precision” and “accuracy” of procedures are to obtain accurate and correct results based on laboratory protocols. These nuances save lives. All these have widened my vision and understanding of the medical field and allowed me to assess my context and go beyond my comfort zone. I am forever grateful to my mentors, and every day, I am proud to call myself a UBian.

Why Choose the University of Baguio?