University of Baguio Enjoys Culture in Alumni Wine and Cheese Night

A night of wine and cheese with music and art.

The University of Baguio, in partnership with UBAFI and BACCI, organized a night of celebration of culture while also supporting local crafters, weavers, and artists.

Guests who attended the Alumni Wine and Cheese night got to experience the taste of wine and cheese with a dash of exquisite art and paired with a side of music. A full experience of visual, audio, and tasty delights.

university of baguio

The event was held on July 1, 2022 at the University of Baguio’s Centennial hall. That night also became more special with the presence of Divina Bautista and Glenn Gaerlan.

 More than a celebration of taste and culture, the event’s focus was to support local artists, artisans, and weavers where their art and products were put on full display during the event. The UB performing arts and string quartet also delivered the music for that night, serenading the guests with elegant music.

Guests got to experience tasting a variety of locally produced wine and pairing them with a full serving of several types of cheeses.

The Alumni Wine and Cheese night is set to become an annual event that would focus on different causes each year.

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